Adult Karate

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Starting karate as an adult beginner

You don’t have to be young or athletic to enjoy Goju Ryu. It certainly helps if you are both, but we have regular training members who will never see 55 again. They are the first to acknowledge their physical fitness limitations and work around any restrictions accordingly. But don’t make the mistake we are a soft option either. We have senior members who could give an army physical instructor a good run for their money in a challenge, and have done just that in recent times.

The point is Goju Ryu has something to offer people of all ages and mixed abilities. So if you are curious and always wanted to see what karate training is all about … get together with a few of your friends for moral support and attend one of the Wednesday or Sunday sessions. Just turn up wearing a T-shirt and loose track suit bottoms. That’s all you need.


The first few lesson are always the worst because you will inevitably suffer the embarrassment that can only come from trying something completely new and not feeling in control. An experience most of us won’t have felt since we left school.

We have all been there, and it is a rite of passage we have all faced up to. Stick at it for a few weeks and the fun element will quickly overtake any sense of feeling totally inadequate as you try and reconcile yourself to the fact you apparently have two left feet, next to no sense of coordination or timing, and you can’t tell your left from your right.


Our instructors are expert physical fitness trainers and although they will push you further than you ever thought possible, they will never ask you to overreach yourself. So no matter how fit you think you are, or not as the case may be, we look forward to welcoming you through our doors.

Your first lessons will start with a 30 minute warm up and stretching session, followed by an hour of learning how to take the correct stances to practise a few blocks and punches.

After a few months, most students find their body shape starts changing for the better as they become physically much fitter and more supple.

There is often a marked increase in mental alertness and a general feeling of wellness caused by the regular dose of exercise-induced endorphins that only comes from hard training.

Of course you could achieve much the same if you pounded the exercise bike in your local gym for the same amount of time, but we promise you it will be more fun if you walk through our door and foremost taking up Goju Ryu karate will reward you with a challenging and immensely enjoyable pastime. Training will quickly improve your physical fitness, stamina and agility.