Grading & Attendance

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Your EGKA Licence and Grading record book

All members are required to hold a valid licence and sign up to the membership section in the EGKA website with all your current details. Without a current paid up licence, members are not permitted to train at EGKA dojos, compete in EGKA nationals or be graded.

Membership provides you with third party insurance cover while you train under supervision at EGKA registered dojos or at EGKA organised events.

The instructors and other officials of the EGKA cannot accept responsibility for any injuries sus-tained on or off the dojo premises or anywhere during activities connected with the dojo.

To confirm your grading, the appropriate grade in your licence book must be dated and signed by an EGKA/IOGKF instructor.

Special courses/Tournaments that you attend/participate in also count towards gradings as well as being a historical collection of signatures of Senior IOGKF instructors.

Your licence plus a letter of introduction from your instructor and
Chief Instructor permits you to visit other IOGKF dojos around the world.  


Attendance Requirements

Grading candidates will be chosen by your Sensei according to your technical abilities, attitude, manners, etiquette, class attendance and period of training and age. In addition, senior grades from 2nd Kyu upwards, are expected to attend national and/or international courses as part of their training requirements towards their next grading.

The following are the minimum requirements for both attendance and period of training. In addition to these minimum requirements, it is mandatory for the student to show improvement from their last grading. Time and classes by themselves is not sufficient.

10th Kyu- 4th Kyu – between each grade continuous attendance between 3/4 months or 24 / 32 classes. 3rd – 1st Kyu - between each grade continuous attendance between 6/12 months or 48 classes including 2 national courses per annum. Senior Shodan – minimum age 18 years old, 12 months from 1st Kyu, time in training minimum 5 years. Nidan – minimum age 20 years old, 2 years from Shodan, time in training minimum 7 years. Sandan – minimum age 23 years old, 3 years from Nidan, time in training minimum 10 years.