Joining Details




Adults ages 18 - 80 



The cost per training session is £6.00.
The first two lessons are free


Membership Fee

There will be a one off membership fee to join the Shinsei Kai Dojo of £25.00


Annual EGKA Membership

The annual EGKA membership fee is £45.00 and paid on line directly to the EGKA 



The grading fee is an additional fee which is to be paid on the day of the Grading. The cost is £25.00



By joining the EGKA Membership provides you with third party insurance cover while you train under supervision at EGKA registered dojos or at EGKA organised events. Please ask to see the sensei’s details of their own personnel Insurance


Other costs you face as a beginner

Taking up karate requires a very minimal outlay in clothing and equipment.
To start all you need is a T shirt and shorts or some loose clothing.


All white Gi.

The karate training uniform - The all-white Gi can be purchased from a number of online suppliers and comes in a variety of different weights and sizes. As you progress through the grades most of us invest in a heavier weight canvass Gi. Sensei can advise you where to source the best buys in class. An adult light weight Gi will cost about £30.00



When you progress to kumite (sparring), you will need to buy sparring gloves and leg protectors. You can buy a perfectly adequate set of gloves and leg protectors for as little as £25. You can also spend a lot more on buying up-market leather options. Again Sensei will advise on what is best.


If you would like to join, please download the application form here and bring it along with you to your first training session. Click here to find out when our training sessions are.